Ember Mug Keeps Your Coffee At Perfect Temperature For Hours

Ember has introduced an advanced mug that can keeps your beverage just in perfect temperature for hours. Even you can keeps your coffee hot for all the day using a charging coaster.


California based new company Ember Technologies patented temperature-controlled technology and wanted to apply thermal science to make smart kitchenware. Hence, the smart coffee mug is their very first product that they have announced this week. The coffee mug can keep your tea or coffee hot as well as it can also keep your cold beverage cool for hours.


The founder and CEO, Clayton Alexander talked about the new product in press briefing and he said ‘I started Ember to solve a very simple problem: how to keep the coffee you love at the perfect temperature for as long as you like. By merging Ember’s patented temperature-control technology with beautiful design and an incredible user experience, we knew that we could appeal to discerning coffee drinkers.‘ Just to mention, Alexander is that thermal scientist who got the spotlight earlier by selling a lightbulb design to General Electric.


The coffee mug is pretty simple but looks elegant without any buttons. You just have to rotate the dial from lower part of the mug to adjust your preferable temperature. Ember also provides an app which will let you to name your smart mug and create temperature presets. You can also set notifications preference of the temperature.

You can make your life a bit easiter through this coffee mug. To buy the product, CLICK HERE.

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