EyeVerify To Provide Security Using Eye Scan

Apple recently included a fingerprint scanner in its iPhone 5S handset. This has launched a race for biometrics-based security for smartphones. But there are those who are approaching the issue differently. EyeVerify, for instance, is working on such iris scanning technology which may eventually be included in smartphones.


Biometrics are certainly an important aspect of digital security. Finger prints are unique and they can be used to identify a given person. However, until iPhone 5S, it was considered virtually impossible that any smartphone vendor will be able to pack a fingerprint scanner in a smartphone.

Now Samsung also wants a piece of smartphone digital security and according to reports, it has been trying to patent an iris recognition technology. It remains to be seen whether Samsung is awarded the patent but EyeVerify already uses such technology.

In scanning human iris, EyeVerify‘s system relies on the blood vessels that run through our eyes. The pattern of these blood vessels is unique in each human, making them an excellent benchmark for individual identification. Since the blood vessels contrast very distinctly against the whites of our eyes, they can be spotted even in dim light.

These factors make iris scanning an ideal method of additional digital security. EyeVerify believes that the technology can be a very effective security feature for mobile devices. The company currently sells the iris recognition software to companies like Fixmo and AirWatch. These companies then make a few tweaks to the software and sell it to the military and government. While currently, iris recognition technology is more in use at highly sensitive facilities, it is expected that soon it would be compact enough to fit our mobile devices.

EyeVerify has already released a demo app for mobile devices. The Android version of the app is available here on Google Play.

Courtesy: Android Community

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