Researchers Developed Fast-charging Batteries That Can Power Gadgets For 20 Years

Battery life is one of the most critical issues for smartphone vendors and users. On the other hand, we have already seen so many innovative technologies that can recharge a battery within a very short time. But now, researchers at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed fast-charging batteries that can retain charge for 20 years.

Researchers With Fast-charging Batteries
Researchers at Nanyang Technology University: Associate Professor Chen Xiaodong with research fellow Tang Yuxin and PhD student Deng Jiyang

The researchers at NTU have developed new lithium ion batteries (these lithium-ion batteries usually use additives to bind the electrodes to the anode, which affects the speed in which electrons and ions can transfer in and out of the batteries) that can reach a 70 percent charge in 2 minutes. They claim that the fast-charging batteries are able to power your gadget for 20 years. Yes, you heard me right. It’s 20 years, not 2 years. Now you might be thinking how come is it possible, right?

Chen Xiaodong, Tang Yuxin and Deng Jiyang

Well, instead of using graphite, the researchers used titanium dioxide nanotubes for the anode (the negative pole) and the chemical reactions within the battery started to gain high speed that usual while offering 10,000 charging cycles instead of the usual 500. This is equivalent to two to three years of typical use, with each cycle taking about two hours for the battery to be fully charged.

It has not been mentioned when the researchers would start shipping these upgraded batteries, but associate professor Chen Xiaodong expects that the batteries will hit the market within the next two years. It’s no doubt that such batteries would create a great impact on the technology world when they will arrive.

The NTU researchers’ work has been published in Advanced Materials, a leading international scientific journal in materials science. For more details, hit the links below.

Source: Nanyang Technological University
Thanks To: Channel NewsAsia

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