FringOut Now Available

Fring released FringOut the cheap VoIP calling system.It challenges Skype and you can call Germany,India,Bangladesh,US,UK and other countries landline or mobile from 1¢..

The mobile voice over IP (VoIP) service Fring now allows its users to make phone calls to land line and cell phone numbers anywhere in the world with prices starting at one cent per minute. Not all calls will be that cheap. Calls to Canada start at 0.4 cents per minute, and calls to India start at 1.1 cents, for example. But it’s more competition in a very small space currently dominated by Skype and to a lesser extent Google Voice.

You used to be able to make Skype calls using the Fring applications for mobile phones like the iPhone and Android devices, but following the launch of the iPhone 4, Skype and Fring got in a bit of a scuffle and Fring users were left in the cold no Skype access.

Rather than bridge the gap between the two services, Fring has opted to launch its own service to connect its users with outside phone lines. That service is called fringOut, and it’s hard to miss that it sounds a lot like Skype’s own service for that purpose, SkypeOut.Hundreds of millions of people have tried low-cost internet calling on their PC or through restricted mobile offerings. With the launch of fringOut, fringsters can benefit from internet calling with the convenience of mobile without cumbersome wires and cables.

Fring users have the freedom to choose how they communicate with their friends including using Fring Internet calling to other fring users and other communities, fringOut, SIP or GSM says the company.fringOut is currently available for Nokia S60 (Symbian) devices and will soon be available on iPhone and Android devices.

You can see full rates by this link:


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