Finally Samsung Aired Anti-Apple Super Bowl Commercial [Video]

Samsung has a knack of producing some very creative commercials, most of which are a tongue-in-cheek criticism of Apple’s product and fans. We wrote a few days back about a teaser of the ad Samsung had plans of airing during the Super Bowl game. And now, the ad is finally here. The video is posted below.

In the ad, as usual, Apple fans are shown standing in long rows waiting for the release of the Apple devices during Super Bowl game. They are yawning and annoyed. And then a person who is using Samsung Galaxy Note passes by them. They are amazed and awed at the stylus-using device. And then the device starts falling in their hands from the sky (how we wish this really happened) and they break free of the barriers and starts dancing and rejoicing the device. From the look of it, one can very safely assume that Samsung has indeed doled out a huge amount of money to bring together this commercial. Here’s finally the commercial:

Image courtesy GSM arena.

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