Glasgow On The Way To Become UK’s First Smart City

Over the years, Glasgow has taken a backseat in the greater view of U.K. The city has struggled to stay up with the urban standards of a developed nation, failing often on many counts. Now, the U.K. government is determined to change this by doling out $38 million to the city in an attempt to turn it into a ‘smart city.’


The money is being furnished by Technology Strategy Board and is meant to set up the city with a lot of sensors and technology meant to provide real-time information to the administrators. This, and other technological deployments, are part of this project which, the government envisions, will allow the city to become more energy-efficient, with better access to health and security services.

In the past, a number of cities in the U.S. have already tested out the concept of a ‘smart city’, essentially fitting up a city with technology that allows better monitoring of lifestyle and life standards, and helping the administrators make their decisions in light of that. These cities have been a success in the U.S. and now, U.K. is following suit.

According to the Universities and Science Minister, “From transport systems to energy use and health, this demonstrator will play a key part in the government’s industrial strategy and give real insight into how our cities can be shaped in the future… With more people than ever before living in our cities, they need to be able to provide people with a better quality of life and a thriving economy.”

There is a hope that the $38 million project will help alleviate the standards of living in the city hosting some 600,000 inhabitants. It may also serve as a test-case for Britain’s future hopes of implementing smart technology on large-scale elsewhere.

Courtesy: Information Week

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