Google Patent Shows Infrared Control Systems For Project Glass

Google has dazed and mesmerized a lot of us with its Project Glass. However, what has been taxing on our curious minds is the question that hasn’t been answered yet: how does Google intend to pull off the kind of technology it has demonstrated in the videos of the project it has released. A Google patent, discovered now, may contain the answer to that question. We earlier reported that Google recently scored yet another patent related to the design of Project Glass.

One of the most pertinent questions that was asked as soon as Google unveiled Project Glass was: how will a user, using Google glasses, control the display of the product. Google didn’t provide any official explanation to that which either means that Google is working on it or is simple secretive.

However, as far as the theory goes, we may have found the answer now. In a Google patent that was filed last September, Google details an elaborate system which involves a wearable computing device, which we may assume to be Google glasses. Google then goes on to show how the interface of such a device can be controlled with the help of infrared markers which can be in the form of rings, artificial fingernails or even bracelets.

The radiation reflected from these markets will then be picked up by the camera that will be included in the product. And with the help of that, user will be able to control the device. That sure does sound interesting in theory but we will have to see if the practical implementation of this technology comes with any issues.

Source: Patent

Courtesy: The Verge

Image Courtesy: Patent Bolt

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