Globalfoundries Becomes Fully Independent By Buying Out AMD

Globalfoundries have been on it’s way to full independence for some time and now, as its third anniversary, it has finally accomplished the feat. As it is, AMD still have a stake in the company but both companies came to agree to some terms and AMD agreed to sell out it’s share. So now that Globalfoundries has purchased AMD’s share, it is finally an independent foundry.

At the occasion, celebrating both the third anniversary for the company and its fully independence, the CEO of Globalfoundries said, ‘Today marks the start of a new era for GLOBALFOUNDRIES as it becomes a truly independent foundry.¬†GLOBALFOUNDRIES has a clear vision to be the leading semiconductor foundry partner to AMD and one of the world’s top technology companies. We continue to execute on our strategy to propel ATIC’s long-term investment philosophy into true value creation for our shareholder and customers.”

From his words, it is quite evident that the company will continue to furnish the 32-nm wafers for AMD which it currently provides. The company also has plans of starting it’s facilities in New York, Singapore and Germany, procuring a huge $3 billion budget for these ambitions.

As per the press release, this is yet another of the milestones for the company which, indeed, has progressed rapidly and evolved into a company with great success in the semiconductor industry.

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