Apple And GN ReSound Collaborate To Create ‘Made For iPhone’ Hearing Aids

Apple‘s iPhone is the most popular smartphone around the globe, when viewed in terms of sales alone. Many aging people today possess an iPhone which offers many conveniences for them. Apple has now partnered with GN ReSound to create ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids for such iPhone users who may need them.

LiNX hearing aids

The hearing aids which are being created exclusively for iPhone handsets are called ‘LiNX.’ By using Bluetooth technology, these hearing aids connect wirelessly with iPhone. The connection uses a 2.4GHz wireless technology, which drains a very tiny part of the handset’s battery.

Work on LiNX started last year when Apple started working with GN ReSound to create the aids. According to the CEO of GN ReSound, Lars Viksmoen, “ReSound LiNX again underlines our core strength of bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired, making them consumers with choices rather than patients with challenges.”

The best about thing LiNX is that not only can it be used to tune up sound, but can also be used to stream music and receive phone calls. Apple has readied an iOS app which can be used in conjuction with LiNX to personalize settings.

Today, 360 million people suffer from hearing loss. This number will further grow as the world’s population increases rapidly. Given that, it is a great step by Apple to launch a hearing aid which will be identified with iPhone and may take away a part of the stigma that is often attached to it. The catch in this whole thing, however, is that LiNX is going to cost a whopping $3000. Apple aims to have it made available by the start of next year.

Source: GN

Courtesy: CNET

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