Google+ Blocked in China

It has just been a day since the launch of Google’s very own social network, Google+. And surprisingly, its already banned in China. Guardian reports that Google+ is blocked by the Great Firewall of China just like other social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and users in China also reported that they are unable to open the newly launched social network.

We already know that Google is banned in China since a long time and now Google+ as well. Folks over at Guardian tested this through various online services as well and reported that its blocked. Some people even reported that they are unable to access any location in including Google+ URL.
Well, if you check the history, China has blocked many websites in the past through its Great Firewall system including many social networks and other sites with unsuitable content.

According to Guardian:

According to the site Great Firewall of China, which uses a server-based in China to try to access external web locations, Google users inside China are unable to access any location within, which includes the URL for Google+, at

So, what effect will this ban have on the newly founded social network?

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