Google Gears Up For Its Data Center In Taiwan

Google has been steadily expanding its plans and influence in Asia, given the immense users base from the region that is explosively increasing. Given this growth, Google feels the need to build up data centers in the region. Google already is working on data centers in Hong Kong and Singapore. And now, the company has revealed plans to build another $300 million data center in Taiwan.

The very purpose of these data centers is to provide efficient and quick access to Google’s web services to the billions of users now hailing from Asia. According to Google’s official page about this data center, ‘More new Internet users are coming online everyday here in Asia than anywhere else in the world. They are looking for information and entertainment, new business opportunities, and better ways to connect with friends and family near and far. We’re building this data center to make sure that our users in Taiwan and across Asia can do just that.’

Google has plans of getting the three data centers all set and working by 2013. Also, given the rather hot temperatures at Taiwan, Google says that it has planned the structure accordingly, ‘This data center will be the first in our fleet to save energy through a nighttime cooling and thermal-energy storage system. And, like our other facilities in Asia, this will be one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly data centers in the region.’

Google’s data centers in Asia also embolden the fact that Asia is the next developing market for the tech companies and millions of users from Asia take to internet every month. That is precisely why many major tech companies are increasingly focusing on the region.

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