Google Glasses Seem Too Good To Be True, Analysts Say

Google has created quite an uproar in the tech world with its Project Glass. The first impression to Google’s awe-inspiring video depicting Google glasses was that everyone was totally impressed. However, after the first feeling, many grew sceptic about it. And now experts have said that the Google glasses that were shown in the official images can’t possibly hold the hardware to pull off all the functions depicted in the video.

A fair dose of reality for the readers is that the Google video regarding Project Glass is actually a concept video. So whereas, yes, Google is working on such a pair of glasses and is currently testing the device, what the video depicts isn’t necessarily how the glasses will work.

Moreover, a number of features that have been shown in the video are highly improbable. For instance, according to an MIT Media Lab researcher Pranav Mistry, ‘The small screen seen in the photos cannot give the experience the video is showing.’

The same point is being elaborated upon by the director of Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, ‘You could not do AR with a display like this. The small field of view, and placement off to the side, would result in an experience where the content is rarely on the display and hard to discover and interact with. But it’s a fine size and structure for a small head-up display.’

Moreover, this has been pointed out that the current hardware can’t possibly pull of what the official Project Glass video shows, because of the limitations of the mobile display technology that is presently available. Mistry further explains this as, ‘Current HUDs utilize a fixed lens distance of two feet. For true augmented reality, the display would have to dynamically focus, which would require additional hardware on the glasses to read your eye.’


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