Google Offers $99 Chromebook To Students And Teachers

When it comes to education, technology holds a critically important position. Yet, many students are unable to afford a computer, a huge disadvantage in today’s tech-savvy world. Google now plans to resolve this problem through a $99 Chromebook campaign.


Chromebook is a fairly ideal choice for most students and teachers. It is a very light-weight, durable and affordable laptop that comes packed with most of the essential apps. Google claims that more than 1000 schools are already endorsing the use of Chromebook in their classrooms.

Google has now launched a campaign, in collaboration with The campaign aims at providing students and teachers with Chromebook for a price of $99 which would include the hardware, management as well as support. Needless to say, this is the cheapest price at which one can acquire a Chromebook.

To be eligible for this offer, you have to be a full-time public school teacher in the U.S. is accepting applications from teachers who wish to be a part of this program, until December 21, 2012. The organization essentially crowdsources donations in one place – it will highlight your application on its website and the donations directed at it will be helped at funding your plight.

Once the donations total up to the required sum, you will receive your shipment of Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. If you’re neither a teacher or a student, you can perhaps visit the site to chip in with your own donations to help a student or teacher somewhere get a laptop at a discounted price to help him/her with academics.

Source: Google

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