Google Patents Heart-shaped Hand Gesture For Users To ‘Like’ Real Life Objects

Whenever we like something on Facebook, we hit the “Like” button to share/express our feelings. But search giant Google has come up up with a new idea. Lately Google has patented heart-shaped hand gesture for users to ‘like’ real life objects.

Google's Heart Shaped Hand Gesture

Google’s patent is called ‘Hand gestures to signify what is important’ and such gesture is for Google Glass wearers. According to that patent, Google Glass wearers will be able to like brands, products and locations simply by making their hands in a heart shape in front of that particular objects. There’s a camera on the head-mounted device that scans and recognizes the items/objects and a ‘like’ will be created for that product or location and will be stored or shared afterwards. In the above image you can see one diagram where hands are shaped as a heart in front of a painting, while another shows the hand gesture being used in front of building sign.

Heart Shaped Hand Gesture

According to Google, the patent “hand gestures can be used to provide user input to a wearable computing device, and in particular to identify, signify, or otherwise indicate what may be considered or classified as important or worthy of attention or notice. Particular hand gestures could be used for selecting portions of a field of view of the HMD (headmounted display), and generating images from the selected portions.”

It’s not confirmed till now whether or not Google will expand the type and number of hand gesture technology to include thumbs-up gestures, pointing, forming an L (for like) with a thumb and forefinger or circling items with a loop, but the patent suggests it could be “applied to any form of head-mounted wearable technology.”

Source: USPO
Thanks To: Daily Mail

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