Google Planning To Take Over The World Of Communication, Says Expert

Here’s what Jason Chen of Gizmodo makes of Google’s recent announcements to have their own Twitter-like service built into Gmail, and developing a speech translation service: Google wants to dominate all communication services between users so they can deliver ads fine-tuned toward each individual’s unique interests. Some of the ways he mentions Google is moving in that direction are the following.

Google Voice: Performing voice translation into text gives them better insights into what each individual is talking about, thus allowing them to present extremely-targeted ads to an individual during their conversations.

Google Wave: Chen claims this is another attempt at getting people to sign up with Google and be a part of their biosphere, since every user needs a Google account to use Google Wave. This service, together with Gmail, will give Google access to even more user communication for analysis.

Other services, such as Google Docs, Google Talk, and even the Android and Chrome operating systems will give Google unheard-of information into every type of communication we take part in. The purpose of all of these? To serve us ads in ways we haven’t thought of yet. Whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Chen’s views, they are no doubt thought-provoking.

Source: Gizmodo

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