Google Presents You ‘Star Wars’ Theme & Virtual Reality Experience

Google has teamed up with Lucasfilm and Disney to bring a Star Wars virtual reality experience through their VR platform Google Cardboard.


According to official announcement, Google is currently working to provide the amazing virtual reality experience for Star Wars fans. The experience will be available from 2nd December within the official Star Wars app ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ which is already available for Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Watch Video: Awaken the Force Within

Verizon Stores will bring four different custom Google Cardboard viewer designs that decorated with Star Wars theme. If you do not know yet, Google has launched their very own Star Wars mini-site. It will allow you to choose between the light and dark side in order to personalizing your Google accounts. For example, if you choose the dark force then it will give dark makeover on Google Profile and apps including Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube, Chrome and all other associated applications.

To turn your Google accounts into Star Wars theme, CLICK HERE.

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