Harvard Researchers Help Develop ‘Smart’ Tattoos

Researchers from Harvard and MIT have developed Smart Tatto Ink. Finally, something that will convince your parents to allow you getting Tattoed.

What will this Smart Tattoo Ink have that traditional Tattoo Ink don’t? The Smart Tattoo Ink will come with the feature of monitoring your Health Conditions. For example, this Smart Tattoo Ink will notify individuals with Diabetes when their Sugar is high.

The Research was conducted at the MIT’s Media Lab. The work was led by Katia Vega, in association with two postdoctoral fellows at Harvard MediSchool and their colleagues.

“What is the next generation after Wearables?”- this is the question Ali Yetisen, who is a Tosteson postdoctoral fellow at HMS and Massachusetts General Hospital, asked himself before coming up with the idea of incorporating BioSensors in the skin.

The current wearables used for monitoring health conditions have some limitations. First of all, Wearables don’t come with infinite Battery Life. Secondly, most of these wearables don’t have wireless connectivity feature.

Dermal Abyss

The project was titled The Dermal Abyss. Tattoo Inks developed in this project will change its color depending on the chemistry of the body’s interstitial fluid. One Ink this project developed will change from Green to Brown to indicate an increase of Glucose Concentration in Body. Another outcome from this project was a type of ink that is only visible under Blue Light. This Ink will grow more intense as the Sodium Concentration Rises in the body indicating dehydration.

The Researchers have also identified some possible applications of this Smart Tattoo Ink. First of all, this Ink can be used for the treatment of long-term diseases. Secondly, this Ink can also be used for health monitoring for a short-term with temporary Tattoos. And lastly, this Ink can be used to draw Tattoos or signs that will be visible only under a special form of light. Apart from regular Medical use, another industry that can benefit from this Smart Tatto Ink consists of Astronauts. Astronauts require constant feedback on their Health, which can be done in minutes using the Smart Tattoo Ink.

Wrapping Up!

Luckily an App has already been developed that can provide quick Qualitative Analysis by scanning the Smart Tattoos. But here we have to ask, how safe is it to walk around displaying your health conditions? Anyone can scan the Ink and tell you about your health. Do let us know about your opinion on the matter. Even if such Smart Tattoos get into the Mainstream, how likely is it that you will allow one on your body, let us know in comment section.

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