Haworth Presents CalmSpace – A Special Capsule For Having Power Naps In Office

Sometimes people at offices are found dozing or having a nap putting their heads on the desks. But that nap neither turns to be a good one nor it helps them to work with new enthusiasm. To solve the problem, French designer Marie-Virginie Berbet in collaboration with Haworth has designed a sleeping capsule named CalmSpace for taking power naps at the office.

CalmSpace capsule was introduced at the Orgatec trade fair in Cologne last week. It is equipped with orange and blue lights and some musical soundtracks. It contains a single mattress on which the office worker can lie down.

After entering the capsule, the person can set a time of 10, 15, and 20-minute (maximum) for power naps. The orange light helps to fall asleep easily and the blue light wakes him/her up slowly and gently after the napping time is over.

Berbet mentions that if a person sleeps 30 minutes or more, then he/she goes into a deep sleep. And then it’s hard to wake him/her up. So a power nap has to be in between 10-20 minutes.

Orange Light In CalmSpace
Blue Light In CalmSpace
CalmSpace For Power Nap

According to the design team, midday naps can help to improve cognitive ability, reduce stress and decrease the risk of heart disease. CalmSpace will be available from January 2013 for €15,000 ($19,300).

Source : Haworth
Thanks To : Deezen

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