Qube, The Affordable Smart Bulb Features Built-In Wi-Fi For Your Home

San Francisco based startup Qube has introduced the most affordable smart LED bulb which contains built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for your home.


Qube has started the journey through the crowdfunding-site Indiegogo and they are claiming as the ‘World’s Most Affordable Wi-Fi Smart Bulb.” The multi-colored smart bulbs costs only $19 each whereas any other typical smart bulbs cost more that $50.


The smart bulb comes with a new lamp which is permanently connected with your router and has great potential for it’s simplicity, energy efficiency and low cost. The control is very easy as you can switch it on or off using the iPhone or Android apps or from Apple watch. Within the apps, you can also control the brightness and change the color of light according to your mood as there is almost 16 million shades.


The startup has raised $50,000 within the first 24 hours from Indiegogo and total $94,482 USD in 3 days since it has launched. The smart bulb consumes only 60w but can create a luminous flux of 800 LM. It will be automatically turn on when you will enter into the room. Beside that, it will show you notification if you forget to switch it off when nobody is home.

The Qube is available for pre-order through the Indiegogo but company will start the shipping from June, 2016.

For Pre-order: Click Here

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