How Fast Is Fast Enough?

Almost everyone in the computer industry knows the controversial story about how a pioneer like Bill Gates once misjudged the potential of memory space by saying “640 k ought to be enough for anyone”[Factoids]. Well, it is no different in case of the internet or the more hyped mobile broadband. It may sound like a stupid question now, but when the internet came around the question was would be good enough to be a communication service? During the standardization of GSM, the most successful mobile technology on the planet, people argued that no channel would ever need data speeds more than 2.4 Kbps. Yet, the race for faster networks continues. But, how fast is fast enough?

Find the answers on why the urge to develop a faster network continues and how much is fast enough on this short video below. This video is part of a recent campaign named ‘UNPLUG!’ from Ericsson showcasing the journey of mobile broadband from the impact of Mobitex in 1986 to Twitter or Spotify based business models in 2011.

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