How Much The Tech World Would Earn Without Apple [Chart]

A lot of analysis and reports related to the tech world consider Apple as an important factor. And that is because in terms of outreach, influence and revenue, Apple leads the entire tech world. While that is often said and wrote, not many of us realize what a major difference it would make to the tech world and its revenues if only Apple was removed from it. Have a look at this below.

A chart from BarCap shows just how much of a difference Apple makes to the technology sector. Apple’s revenues have rose greatly over the past few years and they dramatically continue to do so with the wild success of iPhone and iPad. So if we take Apple out of the picture, the overall earnings as well as the growth rate of the tech sector drops considerably.

However, analysts are of the view that Apple has been able to grab the market of a number of other companies. For instance, iPhone grabbed a market that was up for the taking for Samsung with it’s high-end smartphone devices. So if Apple wasn’t there, Samsung would have been a wild success. Or another vendor would have filled the place. So while we can gauge from the chart where the tech world was, without Apple, over the last year, we can rest assured that if Apple really didn’t exist, a lot of other vendors would have filled up that space.



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  1. Tsais_eredar

    Erroneous Conclusion…

    If Apple didn’t exist, someone else would sell more products.
    Either some other company, like Archos would sell tons of tablets, or if nobody sold tablets, people would just keep buying netbooks or whatever else…

    So, just deducting Apple’s volume from the actual volume is pure fantasy.

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