iMac Touch Concept, Features Siri And Other iOS Features

A lot of interesting technology concepts have cropped up recently. Most of these concepts may seem fictitious but many are spun considering the limitations of an available technology. The iMac Touch concept, recently proposed by Joakin Ulseth is a similar concept which goes on to show how Apple can turn its iMac into a touch-capable device with iOS capabilities and Siri enabled.

The concept has been created using a 3D animation and it goes on to show how will an iMac look like if it had a touchscreen enabled. The concept show and iMac with a stand that allows the users to rotate the iMac about its axis, even fold it so that it rest like a tablet against a stand, making the touch-capabilities easier and more awesome to use.

Apple filed a patent some time ago. It was about a special stand and the patent was being titled ‘flex base’ thus depicting a flexible stand. Filed back in 2010, the same very concept seems to have been used by Ulseth in this video for a concept iMac Touch.

On this iMac Touch are a number of iOS features enabled. It also has Siri on it and is able to tool twin operating systems, both iOS as well as OS X. The proposed screen resolution for the machine is a mind-blowing 4096x 2304. To juice up such a huge screen, it will use either an i7 Ivy Bridge processor or an Intel core i5 chip. In a way, this is an all-in-one desktop machine for users, a concept which seems quite practical and may very well be a hit shall Apple come to create it.

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