Indian Government Request Skype And Gmail Data Access

First, the ultimatum was given to RIM to give Indian Government access to Blackberry services data, and now its Skype and Gmail due to some security reasons.


Indian authorities believe that both these services are heavily encrypted so its difficult to monitor them. And as a result, it could be misused by people against the interest of people and the country. Junior Ministor of Telecommunications and IT said on Wednesday:

There are a whole list of companies that have been asked to give [access]…provide solutions, because law enforcement agencies, the home ministry and intelligence agencies want that information for national security,

However, no deadline was issued to both companies but they have been asked to fulfill this request. Google was asked few months ago as well by government to lower the encryption level which they refused, in order to safeguard the privacy of millions of users who are using Google’s email service.

Lets see where this issue ends up. What do you guys think?

Via – WSJ

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