$3.15 Million Apple Store Prototype To Be Built in Palo Alto

Apple officials announced that the work on its prototype store in Palo Alto is about to start “any day now”. The store is set in the heart of Palo Alto at 340 University Ave and the city officials issued the appropriate permits just ten days ago. The building, inspired by a decade of Apple’s experience in retail will be a two story structure and the iconic open space as Apple Stores are designed all over the world.

Steven Turner, Palo Alto planning manager, explained for The Daily News that the long time Apple fans are to find the same familiar space and also the prototype store will serve as a place for Apple community to gather and to share experiences. “It’s a very unique building. The retail space within the building is very visible to pedestrians who are walking past,” said Steven Turner.

The building plans reveal the new Palo Alto Apple store will have a glass roof and façade and it will cover 15,030-square-foot area. Natural materials will blend with steel giving it a unique appearance. Offices and storage spaces will be located at mezzanine. The building’s architecture was signed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a company well known in their professional community for the numerous awards.

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