Casio Inked Patent-Licensing Deal With Microsoft TO Use Linux

Recently, Casio signed a deal with Microsoft over the use of Linux in their upcoming products which are not disclosed yet. Like many more host companies, Casio also inked the patent-deal paying licensing fees according to Microsoft’s demand. Neither the products nor the price are disclosed yet.

Though Microsoft doesn’t own Linux but it forces other companies to pen licensing deal over the use of Linux in their products. It’s not new for Microsoft. Since 2003, they are doing this practice. According to them, it currently has more than 700 licensing agreements in place – Tokyo-based Japanese electronic device manufacturer Casio being the latest in the trend.

“Today’s 2 agreements make for 6 Microsoft patent deals in the last 75 days,” Smith wrote on Twitter earlier this month. “It’s safe to predict more will follow this fall.”

Casio has goodwill to Microsoft in the industry having good relationship. In many devices, Casio uses Microsoft made software. According to Microsoft, Casio currently uses Microsoft software in its industrial handheld terminals and business information systems.

“This licensing agreement is an extension of the long-standing relationship between the two companies; Casio utilizes a wide variety of Microsoft software for its products, including its industrial handheld terminals and business information systems,” the companies said in a joint announcement.

More information about Microsoft’s licensing programs is available at here.

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