4G Smartphones, Tablets Will Arrive on Sprint in 2012’s Second Half

Bad news for those hoping to get their greedy little hands on some 4G LTE devices in the near future. Sprint has just announced that costumers might have to wait a little longer than first announced to purchase such gears. Sprint CEO Joseph Euteneuer stated that Sprint is making plans in launching 15 LET-capable devices in the second half of the year to come, while the first LTE hardware will be out and breathing in mid-summer.

This announcement might put Spring back into the big boys’ competition, with Verizon just celebrating its one year anniversary of its 4G LTE roll out. AT&T on the other hand, has 4G LTE installed in 15 markets in and out of the US, compared with Verizon who has 190 markets. Some time ago, Sprint announced the launching of its own 4G LTE network for the middle of 2012, but no actual date was released to the public. For now, Sprint wants to launch 4G LTE to just 15 markets in 2012, as it plans to leave the expansion plans pending for 2013.

One thing that Sprint failed to announce were the type of products that will be part of the initial cavalry, but the tech world already spread some rumors around about that. Therefore, experts believe that we’re most likely to see USB modems, smartphones or/and mobile hotspots, next year.

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