Facebook May Introduce Instagram Video On June 20

Remember the June 20 event Facebook is going to hold? Earlier speculations were that the event would be about a Facebook reader service. New rumors suggest that a reader isn’t Facebook’s “Big Idea”.


If it’s not a reader, then what is it? TechCrunch reports that the “new product” could be Instagram video. Yes, Facebook could integrate short videos into the service. If true, then like photos, users will be able to shoot and share short videos on Instagram.

The idea of Instagram video is, however, not completely new. Three weeks ago Matthew Keys shared the news of such a video service in testing inside Instagram. The confusion was how it will be packaged and when will it come out. Keys, however, noted that the videos will be of 10 seconds in length.

But, what led Facebook to test such a feature? Some say, it is because of the popularity of Twitter’s video service Vine. I believe the rise on video traffic and related ad revenue is also a reason.

To see if all these rumors are correct, we would have to wait just 2 more days.

Thanks to: TechCrunch

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