Ads On Twitter For 10,000 More Businesses Will Start Appearing In March

Social media marketing is on the high and Twitter is maximizing on the trend by moving up from its beta self-serve ad testing. It will let thousands of more self-serve ads on its site according to Ad Age. For this, Twitter will allow American Express’ AmEx cardholders and merchants who accept AmEx to purchase ads on its platform.

It has been reported that American Express will give each buyer a $100 advertising credit to initial the placement of ads on promoted tweets and accounts. Twitter has been said to have sold ads to 3,000 marketers till now and with AmEx, it is expected to go beyond that. According to Emarketer, Twitter’s ad revenue through this was $139.5 million in 2011, which is not a bad start considering that it recently entered into this arena. This year, the projections are of reaching $259.9 million.

Thus this whole social network of tweeting and saying things shortly will turn into a profitable marketing agency. Twitter always wanted to make it simple for smaller companies to advertise by offering the self-service option for its ad space. Initially, it allowed only about a hundred advertisers. Now it is allowing more advertisers to do so, reportedly in groups of 10,000.

These ads will start appearing in March. So it is indeed a huge step-up for social media marketing on Twitter. Already sites like Google and Facebook have accomplished their positions and established their marks in attracting companies to their platforms successfully for advertising.


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