Amazon Announces Lower Prices For Storage Service

We are very happy to announce that Amazon S3, the largest cloud storage provider, has reportedly decided to reduce the prices for the Amazon S3 standard storage prices in all regions, starting February 1st. Amazon Web Service front man Jeff Barr was the one who announced the new series of price reductions for the service, stating that the AWS is looking out for the costumers’ best interests and that this moves hopes to drive down storage costs. The Seattle company has shrank down prices up to 10%.

“With this price change, all Amazon S3 standard storage customers will see a significant reduction in their storage costs. For instance, if you store 50TB of data on average, you will see a 12% reduction in your storage costs, and if you store 500TB of data on average, you will see a 13.5% reduction in your storage costs.”

Amazon’s Internet, which offers the Internet based storage for business in general – has lowered prices 17 times over the past five years, which includes five price cuts only for S3. Even if Amazon’s Internet services division represents just a small part of the company’s revenue, the department seems to hold a special strategic value in Amazon’s overall plans to compete in cloud space.


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