Amazon Cuts Ties With HESS, A Security Company With Neo-Nazi Tendencies

A recent documentary aired on German channels showed that HESS, a prominent security company in Germany, had ties to neo-nazi groups. The documentary further shows instances where HESS personnel indulged in discrimination. Responding to these reports, Amazon has decided to severe its ties with the company.


HESS had been charged with providing security for Amazon’s warehouses in the country. However, as soon as the documentary was aired on the German channels, it created somewhat of a PR nightmare for the e-retail giant.

As a result, Amazon was quick to make its decision, admitting that HESS did indeed indulge in discrimination and intimidation. Even the name of the security company in question has apparently been inspired from Rudolf Hess, who was a prominent member of Hitler’s Nazi party.

An Amazon spokesperson presented the retail giant’s stance in the following words, “Amazon has a zero tolerance limit for discrimination and intimidation and expects the same of other companies we work with.” The German authorities have also launched an investigation into the whole issue and according to the Labor Ministry spokesperson, the results of the investigations are expected to arrive within a week.

Source: Washington Post

Courtesy: BGR

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