Amazon Gears Up To Launch A Virtual Art Gallery

Amazon may be growing at a fairly good pace but the company also wishes to expand in qualitative terms. The e-commerce giant is now approaching a number of smaller dealers, including common art galleries. The idea is to launch a virtual art gallery presenting products from these galleries.

Amazon Wine

Amazon has launched ‘galleries’ in a number of its product categories. For instance, the company recently launched Amazon Wine, a section on which the company works directly with 450 vineyards and winemakers from all over the U.S. The section essentially highlights different wines in a visually enticing manner, thus letting the brewers make sales online.

In its latest efforts, Amazon wishes to launch a similar section for art galleries. The company has already approached hundreds of art galleries all over U.S., offering them to have their content displayed on a special Amazon virtual art gallery. The philosophy behind this is that such visual presentation will let these art galleries make more sales and Amazon would get a commission out of these sales, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

The interesting part is that Amazon won’t be asking the art galleries for any monthly fee. Rather, the commission that Amazon is asking for will be purely based on the number of sales. Reports suggest that Amazon is looking forward to a commission that will range from 5% to 15% of the total price of a sold art object.

While this is a very intriguing idea and many art galleries have shown interest, others have cited reservations that they need to know the extent of freedom they will have over the visual presentation of their content in the virtual art gallery. Amazon may launch the initiative later this year.

Courtesy: The Art Newspaper

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