Amazon Starts Using Next-Gen Streaming Technology ORBX

Streaming complex, high-quality content that requires significant graphical prowess is not an easy task. But Amazon is now making it possible by offering Amazon Web Services (AWS) using a new JavaScript codec ORBX.

ORBX-supported graphics

As a result of ORBX implementation, Amazon has been able to stream complex games and software to its AWS customers. For instance, AWS customers can now have heavy and complex software such as Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya streamed straight to their machines from AWS servers. To access such content, AWS customers are required to use HTML5-enabled browsers.

The new streaming technology is very promising for software vendors because it eliminates the need for local installations on user machines. Users can then ‘stream’ the software directly from company servers, minimizing the possibilities of DRM violations.

A number of notables entities such as Autodesk, OTOY and Mozilla joined hands to develop the ground-breaking ORBX technology. ORBX essentially allows the streaming of 1080p60 cloud streaming straight to HTML5 browsers, something which hadn’t been possible until now. The best thing about the new ORBX codec is that it eliminates the need for plugins, codecs and installations on the user’s local machine, letting him access the software directly without any wait or qualms.

Stressing on the usefulness of such software streaming, Autodesk’s CTO stated, “Designers and engineers have an increasing need to be mobile, accessing the tools they need any time, anywhere, and from any device. Simple viewing and markup of documents is no longer sufficient — they need to be able to access powerful 3D design applications, be able to do real design work, and not worry about sacrificing performance.┬áThis is now possible with technology developed by Autodesk, AWS, and OTOY.”

Apart from Amazon implementing ORBX in streaming AWS content, Autodesk and OTOY have also joined hands to launch ‘OctaneCloud’, an assortment of software meant for design-oriented individuals. Under the OctaneCloud umbrella, a number of packages are being offered to the professionals.

  • For GPU-intensive software such as Adobe Creative and MS office, OctaneCloud will charge $9.99 a month, offering 30GB of storage and 120 minutes of GPU usage.
  • For GPU instances that can also handle heavy 3D applications, OctaneCloud offers 100GB of storage and 300 minutes of GPU time for $19.99 per month.
  • Finally, you can use 3D apps, get 100 GB storage space, 300 minutes of GPU time as well as access to the use of Office 2013, all for nearly $31.

ORBX is all set to revolutionize the whole concept of online streaming. With the advent of ultra-high-quality video content, we can expect the use of ORBX expand from software streaming to high-res video streaming.

Courtesy: CNET


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