You Can Now Return Stuff To Amazon Through Delivery Lockers

Amazon has been improving its return methods for some time now. Now, the retail giant has introduced the option of returning stuff through delivery lockers.

Amazon delivery locker

Receiving the returns from customers is an expensive issue for Amazon. And it should be, given the fact that up to one-third of the stuff bought online by Amazon’s customers is returned. Having the returned goods shipped back costs a sizable chunk.

To mitigate these costs and to also ease the return method at the same time, Amazon has now announced that customers can now return purchases through its delivery lockers. These lockers are placed in a number of places and are quite accessible for many customers.

However, to return an item to one of these lockers, you will first be required to get a drop-off code from its Online Returns Center. Using this code, you will open a given delivery locker and place the purchase you wish to return inside. This is certainly more convenient than having it shipped back through UPS.

While for customers this means convenience, Amazon gets to save a significant sum on this new returns method. The company can use the same delivery infrastructure to have the goods returned from the delivery boxes to its offices, saving in transportation costs. The customers, however, will be charged the sum as they pay for UPS return deliveries.

Courtesy: Engadget

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