Amazon Is Trying To Design Its Own Computer Chips

Over the past few years, many tech giants have decided to design and build their own hardware including the computer chips. Amazon is now hoping to join this list as the e-retail giant secretly tries to amass the technologies and personnel to do so.


Amazon’s quest for self-built computer server chips has been revealed through some of the company’s recent job postings and hires. Amazon recently posted a job for the position of ‘CPU Architect/Micro-Architect‘ which was clearly meant for someone who knows how to design and build chips.

The company then went on to hire people from other companies who had been working on ARM chips. This includes the likes of Calxeda, the company that has also worked on Facebook‘s Open Compute Project (OCP).

While Facebook’s OCP aims to develop server-end technologies and then hand them out to the rest of the tech world, much like an open-source model, Amazon has a different strategy. So far, Amazon has been very secretive about its attempts to build its own server chips and chances are that when and if Amazon is able to create a next-generation line-up of server chips, the company will keep them to itself. Such chips will give Amazon the critical advantage in the world of cloud computing, where Amazon and others such as Google are locked in a fierce price-based battle.

With faster and more effective server chips, Amazon will be able to offer more competitive prices for its cloud computing services. And that will put Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and the like on a serious disadvantage.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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