Amazon Updates Kindle Fire with Bigger Browser, Better Email

As the next generation iPad approaches to the release date, rumored to be in February or March, Amazon decided to offer more appeal to its much praised tablet, Kindle Fire, believed to be one of the main challengers to iPads’ supremacy. Amazon announced a new version, 6.2.2 of software that powers Kindle Fire, which comes with a set of important improvements.

Some of the new features include the option delivered to the users that are now able to manually set up e-mail providers in the appropriate app and also let them make use of the full screen mode for Silk Web browser. In addition, the Kindle Software Update Version 6.2.2 “enhances fluidity and performance”, as the official description promises.

Users are encouraged to download themselves the free updated version, which is now officially presented, as Amazon’s Kindle Fire doesn’t automatically detect there is an update available. After Kindle Fire was released, Amazon came up with a much needed set of improvements, including parental control features that allows users to protect the Wi-Fi connection from their tablets with a password.

After the recent improvements and considering the already gained popularity of Kindle Fire analysts predict that Amazon will be able to snag a chunk of tablet market share from rivals including Apple.


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