Apple Admits That Users Want Larger Smartphones With Lower Prices

For long, Apple has stayed away from the larger smartphones frenzy, sticking to its guns and smaller display sizes. This may be changing as a couple of slides from Apple reveal that company knows larger smartphones are the demand of the day.

Smartphone market trends

We recently reported that an email communication between two employees of Apple’s sales force talk about the same issue. The report was revealed as part of a court’s proceedings and shows that Apple’s employees are concerned about the company’s slowing growth.

The fresh revelations made through Apple’s slide deck come from Re/code. They are dated April 2013 and are meant to encapsulate Apple’s plan for 2014. According to the graphs contained in these slides, Apple’s growth rate has slowed down over the years. Even more interesting are the reasons provided as an analysis of why the growth rate has slowed down: apparently, customers want larger smartphones with lower price tags, and that’s where Apple is losing the fight.

Smartphone market growth

Another slide shows that the most rapid smartphone growth is happening in the “>4″ screen” sizes and “<$300” markets. In other words, the highest growth rate is currently soaked up by larger smartphones as well as budget-friendly handsets. And since iPhone is neither, Apple simply has to sit back and watch its growth rate decline.

These analysis may be the reason why Apple seems finally ready to ramp up the display size of iPhone. Some reports suggest that the company is finally ready to dish out 4.7″ (most probably it is indicating to iPhone 6) and 5.5″ models of the handset this year. Only time will tell how true these rumors turn out to be.

Source: Re/code

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