Apple All Set To Shine – The Solar Way!

In a world where Chinese companies are the Kings of solar power and panel production, things seem to be changing. Apple has taken the leap by joining hands with a US solar-power company. Does this mean Apple is moving towards 100% eco-friendly energy usage? Read More.

In a recent leak from the popular AppleInsider, it has been rumored that Apple has partnered with a US company, Leaf Solar Power. The partnership is aimed at building a solar power-generation system for Apple’s data center facility – this is the same facility which will be the cornerstone for Apple’s iCloud.

At the moment, Chinese companies have cozily dominated the solar industry. They produce it cheap, they produce it quick and they come with less legal hassles. And so, most Americans want to buy Chinese panels and solar power equipment. But the Chinese companies are facing tough times these times.

So it is quite natural for Apple to partner with a US company. But the main reason, as some say, is that by having a US company work on its solar project, Apple can have quick maintenance and all the assistance they need at an arm’s length.

This rumor has also surprised many analysts. Leaf Solar Power is a nobody in the solar power industry. It is not even known by most solar experts. So why would Apple work with such a company and why not go for some big-wigs? Because of this, many experts have termed the rumors as untrue.

Leaf Solar Power, on its website, claims to be providing a number of services from solar panels to wind power. But it is not clear that whether it buys its equipment from Chinese or US vendors.
Right now, only 6% of Apple’s power needs are met with clean energy. So it seems natural that Apple is concerned about it. However, why should Apple try to keep it a secret? Why not speak out and tell the world that they are going to do something noble and good? Besides, the planned site of Apple’s data center is North Carolina. This place is known for cheap power through conventional, dirty sources such as coal and nuclear power.

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