Apple And Samsung CEOs To Meet Second Time By Feb 19, Expecting Any Revolution?

Both Apple and Samsung have been locked in a bitter legal feud over the past few years. We have seen them alleging each other for infringing upon a number of patents. But still, in 2012, CEOs of both companies met for the first time for a settlement talk. And lately, we have come to know that Apple and Samsung CEOs will meet for the second time by February 19. Do you think this meeting will be benefited for them?

Apple And Samsung CEO

In 2012, the discussion between the two CEOs over patent wars didn’t exactly pan out. But rather giving up hope, they both had respect and sophistication for each other, and hence now, both the CEOs have agreed to attend mediated settlement discussions no later than February 19. It’s really a mystery why the meeting is to be held by ‘February’ or ‘February 19’?

Well, to give the answer to that question, many tech industry experts have said that both Samsung and Apple are supposed to face off in court over a patent battle in March, and hence, the meeting has to be done by ‘February’ to “avert trial.” On the other side, some said that after February 19, neither CEOs have time for a meeting for this purpose, therefore the meeting has to be done by ‘February 19.’

Although nothing can be said firmly at this moment whether or not the meeting between the two CEOs will be successful, we hope that Apple and Samsung will finally reach an understanding. Do you think the meeting will bring some change or you will see some revolution? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments box.

Source: Reuters

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