Apple Considers Replacing Intel Chips In Mac Machines

Apple has relied on Intel to furnish the processors that go into its Mac machines, for more than half a decade. The mutual relationship between the two companies dates back to 2005, but Apple may now be thinking of ending it by creating chips based on its own design.

intel-macApple tested its own chip designs for iPhone and iPad, using the technology it obtained from ARM. And these designs panned out really well, providing ample processing powers for Apple’s mobile devices. In fact, when pitted against the chips used by other smartphone and tablet vendors, Apple turns out to be a winner.

This success in creating effective and efficient mobile chips has lent a new confidence to Apple’s engineers. And the company hopes that as the mobile and mainstream computing experiences come together over time, it will be able to use similar designs to create chips which can then be used in computers.

We are fast-moving towards a future where the mobile devices and the computers will run similar software, will be able to sync in with each other perfectly and share data with ease. By using similar chip designs for both platforms, all this can be made easier.

Apple recently made a few managerial changes, creating a new group called “Technologies” which has “ambitious plans for the future.” That clearly indicates that Apple is not restricting itself to designing the chips only for mobile devices but is hoping to go beyond that.

However, an attempt to move into mainstream chip designs for computers will require a whole lot of resources. Apple may have ample resources but it would also need the right minds working on it. If indeed Apple makes the switch, it would spell doom for Intel which has sustained a major damage due to a diminishing demand for computer chips.

Source: Bloomberg

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