Apple Decides To Contest $368 Million Patent Infringement Verdict

Apple and VirnetX have been embroiled in a patent case ever since August 2010. VirnetX claimed that Apple infringed four of its patents in FaceTime and Message features on iOS devices. A jury awarded VirnetX $368 million in damages but Apple has decided to contest this verdict.


VirnetX filed the lawsuit against Apple back in 2010. The arguments presented by the company were so compelling that the jury awarded VirnetX $368 million in damages. Apple was, naturally, unhappy with the verdict and tried to have the amount of reward reduced. But these efforts were blocked in February.

Judge Leonard Davis of the U.S. District Court ruled that until the two companies are able to strike a fair enough licensing deal, Apple must pay up $330,000 per day to VirnetX. Apple appealed against this ruling, citing that the daily payment must be made a part of the licensing fee that Apple will pay.

Apple has now filed a new motion, hoping to appeal to a higher court and have the amount of reward reduced. According to the motion filed by Apple’s lawyers, “Because VirnetX’s request for an ongoing royalty remains to be decided, the judgment in this case is not yet final or appealable.”

It further reads, “The Company is challenging the verdict, believes it has valid defenses and has not recorded a loss accrual at this time.” It remains to be seen whether or not Judge Davis decides to give a final verdict and close the case, which would give Apple the space to launch an appeal.

Courtesy: Computer World

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