Google Promises To Unveil An X Lab Project In The Coming Month

Remember the sheer glee of the tech crowd when we were told that Google was trying its hands on self-driving cars? And the sheer hype created by Google Glass? Both these projects came from Google’s secret X Lab. And now, we have been told that another X Lab project will be unveiled in the coming month.


Google’s X Lab is headed by Sergey Brin, the company’s co-founder. The facility is known for its secrecy and Google apparently toys with different futuristic ideas and products at the Lab. Currently, there are some 100 employees working at X Lab and they keep coming up with different, novel ideas related to technology.

While Google tests out many of these ideas, very few of them are eventually selected to be pursued and turned into a reality. Sharing some insights of the secretive Lab with us, Google’s Astro Teller recently stated that we must overcome society’s expectations and take risks when devising tech ideas. He said that this is pertinent to solving the problems we face today.

According to him, “You have to have a group of people dedicated to throwing almost everything away.” Teller further told that X Lab will be unveiling a new project ‘in the coming month.’ Naturally, this has intrigued the interest of many, especially because the last thing out of X Lab was Google Glass. So it is being expected that Google may unveil something even cooler this time.

Courtesy: BGR

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