Apple Earnings (AAPL): Apple Reports A Monster Quarter, Record Profits Due To Blockbuster iPhone Sales

Analysts had been waiting for Apple to release it’s quarterly report very eagerly. This was because Apple did an incredibly good business in the last quarter of 2011 and analysts have expecting some huge number. The estimates by everyone was very high. As it turns out, when Apple released the report now, it reported profits which were much more than what anyone expected! Apple made a huge $13.87 billion in profits against the expected figure of $10.08 billion. And overall sales peaked at $46.33 billion against the expected $39.04 billion.

Everyone had been expecting the figures to be huge for Apple, since iPhone 4S brought a major boast to the total sales by the company. But no one was expecting that Apple’s total sale would be so high.

Apple was successfully able to sell 37 million iPhone units through the last quarter of 2011. It was iPhone and iPad which brought in most of the revenue, especially the unprecedented, large number of iPhone 4S that were sold. In fact, nearly three-fourth of the total sales done by Apple in this last quarter was due to iPads and iPhones.

The total profit in the last quarter marks a whooping 118 percent increase over a year while iPad sales have registered a growth of 111 percent since the last quarter of 2010.  These figures smash away all the estimates that had been pitched by Wall Street gurus. Apple has clearly outdone all of them.

Thanks to this incredibly successfully quarter, Apple’s shares have pushed up a huge 8 percent while pushed the NASDAQ stock to climb one percent. We expect this success to move a few notches high as Apple sets to release it’s next iPhone and iPad devices.

Image courtesy tenz1225.

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