Apple: What’s Coming In 2019

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Apple has presented multiple novelties in the past year. Now, Apple engineers and marketing managers work on realizing new things which will definitely impress the customers in 2019. Regardless of the fact Apple never talks about the upcoming products, there are some rumors about devices the company’s going to release this year.


Surprising Novelties

Apple releases more and more novelties with each passing year making iOS users buy new devices in order to keep up with the times. At the same time, users are searching for new services which will protect their private data when using any device, and take advantage of constantly developing top VPNs reviewed on bestvpnrating. The company’s products always differ from other ones; here what the company is going to release this year:

  1. AirPower. Apple was going to release a wireless charger in 2018. Nevertheless, the company has decided to present the charger this year. It will not only charge the phones and iPads but also Apple Watch and AirPods.
  2. Battery case for iPhone X. Apple produces its own cases for older iPhones; however such cases have never been released for iPhone X and iPhone XS.
  3. New iPhone. Apple will release new iPhones in 2019 – three smartphones the same size as those released in 2018. New phones will have a triple-lens camera, more processing speed, and 5G network connectivity. It’s essential to safeguard yourself online, as well as get access to all the websites, so find out more about what VPN to install on your new iPhone.
  4. New Apple Watch. There are some rumors about the company releasing a new Apple Watch in September 2019.

Apple 2019 - Tim


  1. Mac Pro. Apple has announced Mac Pro release in 2016; PC will be helpful for programmers, videographers and other specialists who require strong computer power.
  2. Larger iMac and MacBook screen. Besides new Mac Pro, Apple is going to release a new screen for PC. The previous model is called Thunderbolt Display; the new one will have higher resolution, as well as may be released already in July.
  3. New upgraded MacBook and iMac. Mac with the same chip as iPhone will also be presented in 2019.
  4. iPad Mini. TF International Securities specialists have predicted Apple will release a new iPad with smaller display size. This will be a low-budget tab with an 8-inch display.
  5. Headphones. This is one of the most long-awaited products Apple is presenting this year. High-end headphones will have better sound quality than any headphones ever released by Apple.
  6. New AirPods. The company will present new AirPods with hand-free Siri functionality making it possible for users to control volume, as well as easily swipe songs. It will also have a special wireless charging case; nevertheless, the updated AirPods version will cost much more than the previous one.

Regardless of the fact, Apple pays much attention to privacy policy making it possible for users to protect their information and access it any time they want to; more and more of them start taking advantage of VPN services. Such a way, users safeguard themselves no matter what device they are using.

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