Apple Is Testing TV Set Prototypes With Supply Chain Partners

Rumors regarding an Apple-branded TV set have surfaced times and again, only to prove futile. Despite much speculation, Apple has been highly secretive about whether or not it has plans of a TV set of its own. WSJ now reports that the tech giant is currently testing out designs of TV sets with its supply chain partners.

Apple iTV

The two chief supply chain partners which seem to be have been included in Apple’s plans regarding a TV set, are Foxconn and Sharp. Foxconn is Apple’s primary manufacturer whereas Sharp is the go-to supplier for nearly all kinds of displays.

People close to these companies have divulged to WSJ that Apple is exploring its options regarding a TV set. According to them, Apple is currently reviewing different designs for its TV set and is collaborating with Foxconn and Sharp to create prototypes of these designs.

One of these inside sources has stated, “It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing.” It seems that Apple is in no hurry to launch a TV set any time soon. The company has taken matters rather very slowly on this front and still seems to be toying with the idea rather than being serious about it.

Technology analysts have speculated, time and again, that the iPhone/iPad bubble is sure to expire within a few years and new players will replace Apple as the tech leader. Whether or not that turns out to be true, many say that a revolutionary TV set can let Apple have a backup plan in case it is no longer a smartphone/tablet leader. What remains to be seen is that whether or not Apple readies such a backup plan and what exactly will the company pack in such a TV set to make it so extra-ordinary.

Source: WSJ

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