Foxconn’s Future Plans May Include 130-Inch Ultra HDTV Panels

Sony recently took the crown of the Ultra HDTV arena when it released the largest Ultra HDTV measuring at 84-inches in size. The display packed a stunning resolution and the company made it available for a whopping price of more than $20,000. Now Foxconn seems all set to take the crown away from Sony.

Apple HDTV

In the past, Foxconn has toyed with the idea of huge Ultra HDTVs. The company has also been allegedly involved in exploring options for Apple’s rumored iTV which may finally be unveiled in 2013, although there are no ways to corroborate these rumors.

DigiTimes has now claimed that Foxconn may start building 70-inch, 80-inch and even 130-inch Ultra HDTVs by the year 2013. Naturally, these plans do sound very ambitious but given Foxconn’s resources, especially when it comes to creating impressive displays, the company may be able to pull it off.

This would naturally be bad news for Sony. If DigiTimes’ report is to believed, Foxconn will not only be able to create even larger Ultra HDTVs than Sony, it may even be in a position to market them with a far lower price point, thus making it harder for Sony to sustain itself in the competition.

However, for now Foxconn hasn’t officially hinted at any such plans and since DigiTimes has a record of both hits and misses in the past, we will take this new report with a grain of salt.

Source: DigiTimes

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