Apple May Hand Out $16 Billion In Dividend, Highest In U.S. History

Apple has a lot of cash and the company may soon use it to satiate its investors. According to multiple analysts, Apple may soon bump up its dividend yields significantly, totaling the annual payout to some $16 billion.


If Apple acts as per the predictions made by many analysts, the company may bump the dividend margins to $4.14 per share, which is really high. At this rate, the total money shelled out to all Apple investors turns out to be $16 billion. And if this happens, it is going to be the largest dividend payout in the U.S. history.

But then, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Apple has broken many records in the past, including the one for being the most valuable company in the world. Although the stock value of the company has declined significantly since, Apple is still in the game and the investors as well as analysts know that well.

The company is expected to launch new iPad and iPhone offerings this year and as soon as this happen, the stock price is expected to bump yet again. So shelling out $16 billion to its investors is not a big deal for Apple. And Brian White states as much when he says, “The accumulation of cash has become excessive. “It doesn’t matter which bearish scenario you forecast, they’re never going to need this much cash.”

Source: Bloomberg

Courtesy: BGR

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