Report Says iOS Apps Crash More Than Android Apps

According to a study that has been carried out by Forbes, it has been revealed that iOS apps crash much more often than Android apps. And the worst firmware, notorious for most app crashes, is iOS 5.0.1. A reason, according to the report, for so many app crashes happening may be that Apple and Google are rolling out newer OS version every other month. And so, developers have to test apps on more and more operating systems.

According to the report, out of the overall number of crashes that were reported in compiling the results, the highest percentage was that on iOS 5.0.1 with 28.64% of overall crashes. One possibility pointed out by the report is that since iOS 5 was still relatively new for app developers, they couldn’t test it well enough and hence, the platform has maximum app crashes recorded.

Still, even older iOS version recorded higher app crash rate than Android OS. For instance, iOS 4.2.10 had an app crash percentage of 12.64% while iOS 4.3.3 had 10.66%.

In contrast, even though Android has multiple OS versions and runs on many hardware platforms, it has much less app crashes reported. Analysts say that one possibility of this could be the time Apple takes to approve a fix by a developer for an app. Normally, Apple may take up to six times to approve such a fix to go live. Even when it’s urgent, it requires at least two days. On the other hand, Android platform has no such qualms and is known for it’s efficiency and speedy delivery of updates on apps.

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