Apple May Launch An Ad Exchange Soon

In the past, we have seen the likes of Facebook and Twitter plan their own ad exchanges, meant to target their respective users. Rumor has it, Apple is also on the verge of following in these footsteps, is set to launch an ad exchange of its own.

Apple iAd

Apple has, without a doubt, a huge ecosystem that comprises of its hundreds of millions of iOS and OS X users. Banking on this user base, Apple can easily prop up an ad exchange. However, in the past, the company hasn’t expressed much desire of indulging in such a business.

Despite such sentiments in the past, Apple may have changed its mind and decided to go for it. Or so certain sources are reporting right now. If Apple did launch such an ad exchange, the company would essentially be allowing the advertisers to reach out directly to users on Apple devices.

In turn, this would also be immensely beneficial to developers who will be able to display these ads across their iOS apps and make more money. Apple certainly seems to have considered such an idea, with its chief Tim Cook having stated recently, “We got into mobile advertising because we want developers to make money…It wasn’t about Apple making money.”

This essentially shows that even when Apple doesn’t intend to turn its revenue from ads into a core business, it may consider the opportunity for the sake of its developers.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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