[Poll] People Like UnSmartWatch More – Our Survey Result & Market Analysis

Though you are reading it in a fine Sunday morning ( speaking from East Bay Area, USA) or sometime in Sunday, this is not funny. We ran this survey for awhile, and result is kind of peculiar. Average consumer prefer their UnSmartWatch! Keep reading for detail about the study.

Your take on Getting a SmartWatch?

We asked our reader “Your take on Getting a SmartWatch?” Take a look at the option. And yes, I tried to be a little funny.

Your take on Getting a SmartWatch?

I added “I love my UnSmartWatch!” to keep it funny and out of little bit of sarcasm, due to usual user’s frustration about kind-of wearable gadget. But result is now Epic.


1) Our of thousand of people who took part of this survey, the highest number of user voted for their enthusiasm of UnSmartWatch , straight 35%.

2) 26% user voted they already have SmartPhone. And they simply don’t care about SmartWatch, just care enough to take part of the survey. 😀

3) 16% user noted they are waiting for Apple Watch, as we ran this survey for awhile, so maybe they could not find in their local Apple Store, but thats not true anymore, you most likely will be able to find you Apple Watch in your local Apple Store now.

4) 11% user said they are just waiting for a under $100 usd price for SmartWatch. Maybe they will have good luck for Android Ware, but in Apple, thats not going to happen in zillion year.

5) 7% user said they already have an SmartWatch. So, about 7$ of the people who visit our site, already have a SmartWatch, interesting info.

6) 5% user already got an Android Watch. So, now you have idea about Android market share.

Interesting Analysis:

1) Look at the percentage of people waiting for Apple Watch(16%), and percentage of people already own a SmartWatch (7%) or Android Watch (5%) to be exact. Even if you combine them both its people waiting for Apple Watch is still 4% higher.

2) We already got market update that Apple Watch is not selling really that good, so from our analysis we could see the sales of other SmartWatch is even poorer. Android and maybe Pebble like platform probably not having a good time.

3) From the survey we could see average consumers frustration about SmartWatch. Thats not a good sign for this segment of gadget industry, and overall wearable gadget industry. If a giant and Unicorn like Apple can’t make people crazy about something, its going to take some time. Market and product is still not ready. In other language its not a good Market fit now.

4) As about 11% user voted for a sub $100 usd price, which is almost half or one third price for other mainstream brands’ SmartWatch price. So, it seems people are not ready to pay top dollar for a SamrtWatch yet.

# Don’t confuse SmartWatch with Health Tracking Brand. Here you could put it like this. All SmartWatch( at least main stream) is Health Tracker, but most health tracker is not a SmartWatch, most of them even does not have a screen to see time.

My Thoughts:
My understanding is people already spend money on SmartWatch, that price is already up if you compare with yearly trend. Average consumer don’t want to spend few hundreds more bucks for a SmartWatch. If you look at digital camera trend, people don’t buy Point & Shoot anymore, if they are really into photography they get DSLR, otherwise just use their SmartPhone. So, people like me, who are really into tech and most likely a gadget freak, they will spend $1500+ on stuff like Google Glass, and historically a lot others did that too, but still you can’t compare it with total number of consumers.

Our Demography:
Our demography is very important for understanding the diversity of this survey. Check our demography details here for a brief data, and feel free to contact us for more detail demography data from various source.

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