Apple Expected To Launch Free iRadio Service At WWDC 2013

Apple’s WWDC event is just around the corner. And many rumors have surfaced regarding the possibility of Apple launching an online radio service of its own at WWDC 2013. According to a new media report now, the service will stream music from major publishers for free.

Apple iRadio

We recently reported that Apple was trying to finalize music deals with different media houses. This was apparently being done to ready the online radio service for the expected launch next week. The major problem that Apple faced in finalizing these deals was that the music publishers and artists wanted more licensing fees while Apple was adamant on paying less.

However, eventually Apple had to come to their terms and seal the deals. And if indeed Apple launches an iRadio service next week, this would mean that the company has been successfully in signing licensing deals with a number of major entities.

Online music streaming is already a very thriving part of the web, with a number of companies such as Pandora making it big in the arena. Rumors have it that Apple will follow in the footsteps of Pandora to offer free music streaming, together with paid premium options. The free streaming will be funded by audio ads inserted between streaming.

Once Apple’s service, popularly called iRadio, arrives, the company will have an instant audience in the form of hundreds of millions of iOS users. If Apple is able to push the service to these iOS users successfully, it may become a major player in online music streaming before soon.

Courtesy: Xbit Laws

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